The Ragged Cot Inn Gloucestershire. Where spirits go bump in night

The Ragged Cot Inn was built in the 17th century. It is located near the ancient market town of Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire.

From the paranormal side, it is said that in 1760 ex-landlord Bill Clavers decided to rob the midnight stagecoach travelling to London.

To give himself courage to go through with the robbery of the coach, he got drunk on rum.  Clavers staggered in the direction of the coach with two loaded pistols, and his wife, with their child in his arms, followed trying to dissuade him of robbing the coach.

Clavers pushed her aside and she fell down the stairs killing her.

After robbing the coach, Clavers arrived back at the hotel to see the bodies of his wife and child in a slump at the bottom of the stairs. Shocked and horrified, it is said that he put their bodies in a trunk.

The story goes that when local constables arrived at the hotel after following Clavers’ footsteps in the snow and they were confronted by the apparition of his wife and child.

Terrified, they fled. When they came back in the morning, the bodies of his wife and child were back at the bottom of the stairs!

Clavers was arrested and taken away. He was found guilty by trial and was sentenced to death.  Clavers was executed by hanging.

Ever since the incident, guests and staff have reported hearing unexplained noises around the Ragged Cot Inn. The sound of a struggle has been heard near the stairs followed by the sound of a body falling.

These sounds are said to be the bodies of Bill Clavers’ wife and child tumbling to their early deaths.

The sounds are not the only reminders of this inns history. The apparitions of Bill Clavers, and his wife have been witnessed wandering the halls of The Ragged Cot Inn.

Do you dare stay at the Ragged Cot Inn?