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Welcome to spooky stays, your search portal for haunted and spooky hotel rooms all over the world. Have you ever stayed in a haunted hotel ? There are many hotels, pubs, bed and breakfasts, castles, chateauxs, country houses and even boats that are said to be haunted and you can stay in overnight.

Some of the rooms themselves are haunted, rather than the whole hotel in some hotels, and there are countless reports of these !! If you would like to find out more about which rooms in which hotels, there is a dedicated section to this on our sister website ghost webcams.

If you knew that a hotel room was haunted, would you want to stay in it ?? Most people would run the other way and would not want to stay there. But, as you are on spooky stays, it is likey that you are interested in staying somewhere with a resident ghost.

Why not have a read of our blog, which showcases hotels that are said to be haunted or have some paranormal activity. I personally have had a ghostly experience in a hotel in Tunbridge Wells back in the 90’s. The Royal Wells Hotel. If you would like to read more about my ghostly experience there you can do so at our ghost blog.